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:: The fact that a part of ones personality is asperger is normally no problem. But because of the sometimes different way of thinking and sensory perception, problems can arrise between an aspie / autist and the surroundings. Many of us are "handicapped" (have a disorder) to some extent, because society is designed for the majority, and because diversity is not appreciated enough.

:: "The geek of the reality" could be a more or less, inexact explanation. I was born intellectual whereas other people have to study at the university to become intellectual. Aspergers was earlier a human type. The diagnosis is about the aspie's weaknesses.

:: I am only a human being in univers, but my motive with this proces is to try to influence public opinion so all with aspergers disorder and autism can get a better life.

:: "Autisme- og Aspergerforeningen for voksne" in Denmark is our mouthpiece to society. New members are always welcome. 

:: I hope that more and more aspies / autists are willing to meet each other and come out.

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